Kyle Gervacy
Published On: March 23rd, 20230.6 min read

Kyle Gervacy capsule collection on the catwalk at MODECANADAROCKS Spring Equinox | photo: Raymond Chow

Kadeem Faustin is a self-taught designer who took a bold leap in 2015 to create KYLE GERVACY: a brand who uses African influences with an Asian aesthetic that bares the designer’s innermost sentiment.

– AFWT Unisex Designer of the Year 2018
– Community Influencer of the Year 2018
– AFWT Unisex Designer of the Year 2017

“The announcement rings through the space where the High Fashion Designer showcase is being staged: “Presenting the Designs of GERVACY!” The audience responds in a spontaneous outpouring of cheers and applause, and there’s an almost tangible shift in the atmosphere; electric anticipation.” – Nicole Georges for TDN Radio (2017)