Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance
Published On: March 23rd, 20231.2 min read

Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance backstage at MODECANADAROCKS Spring Equinox | photo: George Pimentel

The Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance is a for-youth-by-youth grassroots organization that started from the need to bring Ballroom Arts and a sense of community into the City of Toronto.

Founded in 2010 by Legendary Twysted Miyake-Mugler and, Legendary Motha Vixen in 2010; as a space to nurture the needs of Black and other racialized LGBTQI+ youth facing various barriers and trauma. The TKBA provides a safe space for LGBTQI+ youth to be seen, protected and celebrated. The TKBA is modelled after the underground 1960’s New York Ballroom Scene.

Twysted Miyake-Mugler is a house founder, teacher, activist, advocate, and emissary of Canadian ballroom. Founder of the Kiki House of Siriano, and Canadian/Midwest Father of the Iconic New York-based House of Miyake-Mugler, he’s competed, walked, hosted and taught across North America throughout his voguing career stretching over a decade.

As a co-founder of the Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance, he works towards introducing youth to ballroom culture in safe space, alcohol-free environments, including workshop nights at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Montréal’s Never Apart and the University of Ottawa. Other work includes his involvement with the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention, disseminating information and building networks amongst QPOC people. His presence in Toronto’s queer and Canadian ballroom scenes is foundational – the work of a true pioneer.