Published On: September 10th, 20201.5 min read

“Is Black Lives Matter different this time, and if so, how?”

Question 2 – “Is Black Lives Matter different this time, and if so, how?” moderator, Anjli Patelasked this of 11 panelists after the brutal police murder of #GeogeFloyd and before their incomprehensible shooting of #JacobBlake – 7 bullets in his back at point blank range, in front of his children, for no apparent reason except hate.

“We must decolonialize our minds…both Black and White” asserts Charmaine Gooden.

“… my voice wasn’t heard…it took George Floyd to die for me to be able to speak about not having stylists who can do Black hair or not having the right make-up or not having enough representation in the industry…” tearfully, model Aleece Wilson.

Hear what all 11 Canadian creative heavy hitters had to say in Part II of BLACK CANADIAN STYLE: HERE’S THE THING… A discourse on the importance of Black Canadian identities in #fashion, #design, #culture and #media – presented by MODECANADAROCKS x MELANI Beauty.

The panelists: FASHION Magazine Beauty Director, Natasha Bruno; Judy Inc. Fashion & Beauty Director, Campaign & Editorial, Richard Campbell; photographer and videomaker, Steve Carty; Elle Canada Editor-in-Chief, Vanessa Craft; Creative Director; professor, author and Former Beauty Editor, Chatelaine Magazine, Charmaine Gooden; Delectant Media Inc. CEO & MODECANADAROCKS Founder, Len D. Henry; Supermodel and Lana Ogilvy Skincare Founder, Lana Ogilvie; Entrepreneur, Wealthie Works Daily Inc., Filminute, and Newsrooms Co-Founder, Sabaa Quao; Milan’s Show Division President, Celia Sears; Footwear Designer, Black Designers of Canada Principal, George Sullyand model, Aleece Wilson.

This is the second of the 4-part series delivering the original 2-hour digital conversation in themes: Creative Identities; Black Lives Matter; Data Collection & Hiring Practices; and Content Creation – toward the end goal of identifying a positive way forward.